Vase Resin™ for Artificial Flower Arrangements

Our two part epoxy resin system is specially formulated for use as artificial water in silk and other artificial floral arrangements. Vase Resin™ can also be used for resin castings, dioramas and water effects.

If you are looking for resin sometimes referred to as  fake water, artificial water, water resin, you’ve found the perfect product right here.

Our epoxy resin has been specifically designed for creating a “water effect”. Used in vases and other containers wherever a water effect is desired.

  • Water Clear
  • Bubble Free
  • Easy Mix Formula – 1:1 of parts A and B
  • High Quality UV inhibitors
  • 3 Hour Working Time
  • 24 to 48 Hour Cure Time
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Low Odor